“Alfred is a great team player, someone everyone enjoys working with.”
From: Clint Mckie on Jun 17, 2012

“Alfred is the type of person who makes hard work seem easy. Gets results with ease. Amazing.”
From: Milos Nikolic on Dec 19, 2011

“Alfred is someone who works hard, but does it with a smile. A real joy to be around.”
From: Milos Nikolic on Dec 9, 2011

“Thank you for being part of my Network, from "My Home in the Jungle" Happy Holidays www.MyHomeintheJungle.com Jungleneil.
From: Neil Hoag on Dec 8, 2011

“Great personality, Smart and a hard working person!”
From: John Real Estate on Nov 18, 2011

“Alfred is an example of true leadership in action; not seeking merely gain followers, but also working hard to cultivate other leaders.”
From: Paul Meegan on Oct 5, 2011

“I admire Alfred~A Professional Person that has Great Character with a Good Set of Healthy Values! I truly appreciate our friendship.”
From: Drevelyn Matilda Minor on Sep 10, 2011

“Alfred is dependable, honest, hard working, and focused on results. An excellent addition to any team.”
From: Robert J Russell on Aug 21, 2011

“Alfred is an example of true leadership in action; not seeking merely gain followers, but also working hard to cultivate other leaders.”
From: Clint Mckie on Jul 14, 2011

“Thank you Fred for being on a boat construction team that builds the BEST and SAFE submarines in the whole world.”
From: Thomas Burgess on Jul 13, 2011
Pelletier's Home Inspection
Alfred Leo Pelletier, CMI, HI 36
Home Inspector State of Rhode Island
Providence 02901, West Warwick 02893, Coventry 02816, Rhode Island
State of Florida Licensed Home Inspector HI 36
Comprehensive, Four-Point, Pre-Listing Home Inspections
401-585-4951 *Rhode Island
Dear Mr. Pelletier,

This letter of testimony has been a long time coming. Being that we used your service in Florida and
returned to our home in Canada immediately after, I returned to life as usual and neglected to write to tell
you how very grateful I was with your more than generous service and expertise. You made my 83 year old
mother feel very supported with your generous spirit, spending more time than necessary with us and with
kind words of support.

It's unfortunate that a service like yours is so very necessary with all the unqualified contractors there are in
Florida. However, since we all need protection from these individuals, I am grateful that you are the one I
can call on and recommend with a clear conscience.

Good luck to you. You certainly deserve it. You are qualified and helpful and if anyone wants to ask, just tell
them to call me, I will be happy to be of service to you.

Best regards,
Maxine Warsh

Maxine Warsh Facial Rejuvenation
305 Sheppard Avenue East
Toronto, Ontario
M2N 3B3


Age wisely. Age well.
Hi Mr Pelletier,

Sorry to bother you, but I wanted to tell you that as a teacher, I have been referencing your resource page: www.pelletierson.com  
(http://www.myfloridahomeinspections.com/wind_mitigation_inspections). I've been compiling a list of resources for my students who
have been given an assignment to write about natural and man-made disasters and occurrences. I found this article to be extremely
resourceful! Thank you.

Here's another good page one of my students found that you might want to include: http://www.homeownersinsurance.org/. It compiles
all major natural and man-made phenomenon and disasters onto one really resourceful page.

There's a lot of great information and it provides many facts, time-lines, stories etc. I thought your visitors might find it beneficial as
well. (Plus, I would love to show my student that his hard work paid off) I hope this helped!

Happy 2011,
Mrs. Kelly Harris

*~*~*~* Be a wonderful role model because you will be the window through
which many children will see their future *~*~*~*~*~*
Thomas Mckinnon

Kelly Harris,

Thank you so much for the kind words it is greatly appreciated. If I may I would like to add your email to my site.

Alfred Leo Pelletier, CMI, HI36

Mr. Pelletier,

I'm so glad that you responded to my email, that's great! We really appreciate your site, you have great information. I would be flattered
that you add my email and I know my student would be thrilled. If you could, would you please leave out my email address. I hope you
have a great day. Thanks again.

Mrs. Kelly Harris

Kelly Harris,

Thank You Mrs. Kelly Harris and a special Thank You to your student for this special Link. Please click on Link.
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Page 1 of 2 Endorsements