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Providence 02901, West Warwick 02893, Coventry 02816, Rhode Island
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Today, a day to remember, that brought back a lot of memories. Thank You to the US Navy for inviting me
aboard the SSN 750 NEWPORT NEWS Nuclear Attack Submarine. The above photo signed by the XO of the
SSN 750 NEWPORT NEWS Nuclear Fast Attack Submarine. Thank you Sir, it will always be treasured by
me. Alfred Leo Pelletier (04 / 27 / 2010)
STS1(SS) Thomas P. Burgess USNR-RET, thank you for thinking of me and inviting me to attend this
special occasion. Thomas, you are a professional, generous man, I am proud to say I know you and be in
your company. Thomas is what the USN is all about. Thomas, again I thank you and salute you for your
service in the USN Submarine Division. Alfred Leo Pelletier (04 / 27 / 2010)
Nuclear Fast Attack Submarine
General Dynamics Electric Boat Division 54618 /243 1968-1978
Pipefitter Foreman-Supervisor Instructor
Pipefitter 1st/class