Pelletier's Home Inspection
Alfred Leo Pelletier, CMI, HI36
Nuclear Fast Attack Submarine
General Dynamics Electric Boat Division 54618 /243 1968-1978
Pipefitter Foreman-Supervisor Instructor
Pipefitter 1st/class
Pipefitters are responsible for the fabrication and installation of piping systems that carry the ship’s life blood in the form of liquids and
gases under varying pressures. The pipefitter must acquire a range of skills including measurement, fit-up, bending and installation
techniques to comply with close tolerances demanded in such a complex craft. Pipefitters work with piping ranging in size from very small
tubing to very large diameter piping. Piping materials and fittings are made from a variety of type of metals and alloys depending on the
system pressure and function. Systems include hydraulic, lube oil, high and low pressure air, high and low pressure steam, sea water,
chilled water and potable water. Pipefitters are also responsible for grooming systems in preparation for company, Navy and government

Imagine a vessel that survives the ocean's crushing depths and freezing temperatures.

Imagine a vessel that does not need refueling during its entire service life.

Imagine a vessel that is virtually silent while underway.

Imagine a vessel that does all that and protects the freedoms of the people of the United States.

Now imagine the immense challenge it is to create such a vessel.