Pelletier's Home Inspection
Alfred Leo Pelletier, CMI, HI 36
Home Inspector State of Rhode Island
Providence 02901, West Warwick 02893, Coventry 02816, Rhode Island
State of Florida Licensed Home Inspector HI 36
Comprehensive, Four-Point, Pre-Listing Home Inspections
401-585-4951 *Rhode Island
Penn Foster Career School
The Study of Building Science
Penn Foster Career School Diplomas:
The Study of Building Science
  • Home Inspector Diploma (140 hrs = 14.0 CEUs)
  • Carpenter Diploma (287.5 hrs = 28.75 CEUs)
  • Electrician Diploma (597.5 hrs = 59.75 CEUs)
  • HVAC Technician Diploma (417.5 hrs = 41.75 CEUs)
  • Plumber Diploma (447.5 hrs = 44.75 CEUs)
  • Professional Landscaper Diploma (220 hrs = 22 CEUs)
  • Home Remodeling & Repair Diploma (347.5 hrs = 34.75 CEUs)
  • Electronics Technician Diploma (730 hrs = 73 CEUs)
  • Appliance Repair Diploma (260.75 = 26.75 CEUs)

Graduated with a Lesson Grade Average for the above programs of 93.25 = A

Total Contact Hours:
  • Three Thousand Four Hundred Fifty-Five Contact Hours (3,455 contact hours)

The above programs have been rated by Penn Foster faculty and staff as the equivalent of Three Hundred Forty-Five Point Fifty (345.50)  
Continuing Education Units (CEUs). One CEU is defined as 10 contact hours of participation in an organized continuing education
experience under responsible sponsorship, capable direction, and qualified instruction.

Penn Foster School Awards:
  • Life Long Learners LLL Award Penn Foster Education presents this certificate to Alfred Leo Pelletier for the successful
    completion of five educational programs. This certificate awards you a lifetime of education from Penn Foster.
  • Penn Foster proudly presents 2014 Student of the Year Runner Up Alfred Pelletier Thank you for your hard work and your
    commitment to your dreams. Penn Foster is pleased to have played a part in your success.

Professional Grounds Management Society (PGMS) Certificate:
Penn Foster Professional Landscaper Diploma
  • Proctored Certification Examination (PGMS Certified)
Alfred Leo Pelletier, CMI, HI 36
Continuing Education
Over 10,000 hours
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Awards Pages 1 of 2 & 3