SP4 Alfred Leo Pelletier
Summary of Record Fire Courses in FM 23-71 (1966) - (1974)

Record Firing I, Supported Phase
4 tables, each with 8 single, target exposures;
“Random” distances to targets ranging from 50 to 350 meters, 50-meter increments.
Targets from 50 to 200 meters exposed for 5 seconds.
Targets at 250 meters and beyond exposed for 10 seconds
Position was foxhole, supported
Soldiers rotated lanes as progressed from the 1st to the 4th table.
One round allocated per target.

Record Firing I, Unsupported Phase
3 tables, each with 8 single exposure targets from 100 to 350 meters.
Soldiers fired from position of their choice after given instructions to “move out”. There were four additional commands to “move out” within each

Record Firing II
This phase had 3 tables with target arrays of two and three targets, with total exposure times of 10, 15, and 25 seconds depending on the array.
Total of 28 targets. Soldier had 40 rounds (8/16/16). Not given added points for unexpended rounds. Not allowed to carry over unexpended rounds
from one table to the next.

Total number of rounds: 96
Maximum possible score: 84

Qualification Categories:
Expert: 60 points
Sharpshooter: 45 points
Marksman: 30 points
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