At the height of the Cold War, Electric Boat had as many as 25,000 workers building as many as fifteen (15) nuclear-powered
submarines at a time. Currently about 7,500 workers are employed at Electric Boat, where there are more engineers and designers
than laborers.
Read the history of the Batfish USS SSN-681
How it change the course of history to help end the Cold War,
"I am very proud to have help build this incredible submarine."

Alfred Leo Pelletier, Pipefitter 1st /Class, Pipefitter-Foreman-Supervisor
General Dynamics Electric Boat Division, Groton Connecticut
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"The end of the Cold War
is our common victory."
Mikhail Corbachev, January 1992
Alfred Leo Pelletier
Alfred Leo Pelletier

During the Cold War Alfred served his country in many different ways. Seventeen years old Alfred enlisted in the Army National
Guard 1968-1974. Returning from Basic Combat Training Fort Campbell Kentucky and (AIT) Advance Individual Training Fort Sill
Oklahoma. Alfred started working at General Dynamics Electric Boat Division Groton Connecticut. Alfred began his career as a
Pipefitter Learner completing six steps of pipefitter apprenticeship. Soon after became a third class Pipefitter. Another  promotion
followed to second class Pipefitter. Three months another promotion awarded for outstanding job performance first class Pipefitter.
Upper management personnel recognized Alfred's leadership abilities were above average and professional qualities, accuracies, and
motivating his assigned personnel to perform to their best ability. Alfred a comprehensive, diligent worker who needed no supervision
to perform any task he set out to do. Another promotion awarded to Alfred, Pipefitter-Foreman-Supervisor. Alfred accepted the
responsibilities, performed outstandingly, a huge salary promotion followed for his hard work, dedication and faithfulness to his job.
Alfred was twenty-three years old when he received a promotion to Pipefitter-Foreman-Supervisor. He was the youngest employee
ever to be promote to the rank of supervisor at General Dynamics at that time.

Alfred managed to maintain his family, his duty in the military and his position that he rightfully deserved at General Dynamics
building Nuclear Attack Submarines. The Cold War was a very tense moment in the history of this great nation. Many people like
Alfred help to maintain this situation and go on never being notice or appreciated for their loyalty and patriotic duties. Alfred earned
the respect of an honest, sincere, tireless, courteous, and loving person. Alfred, continues to strive on honesty, loyalty, and very
proud of his family and friends.
Pelletier's Home Inspection
Alfred Leo Pelletier, CMI, HI 36
Home Inspector State of Rhode Island
Providence 02901, West Warwick 02893, Coventry 02816, Rhode Island
State of Florida Licensed Home Inspector HI 36
Comprehensive, Four-Point, Pre-Listing Home Inspections
401-585-4951 *Rhode Island
Alfred Leo Pelletier
Pipefitter Foreman-Supervisor
54618 / 243
Alfred Leo Pelletier
Specialist-E4 NG22836517
Rhode Island Army National Guard
Hand to Hand
Combat Certified
Military Close
Alfred Leo Pelletier
Pipefitter 1st /Class
Pipefitter - Foreman - Supervisor - Instructor
General Dynamics Electric Boat Division, Groton Connecticut